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Welcome to Scala Mice .

We develop fast, easy, accessible, different, highly interactive, manageable and measurable new world solutions for your brand.

About Us

Knowing that the focus of communication is human, we are a passionate team that produces unique and down-to-earth ideas out of knowledge, thoughts, and dreams. We integrate all the instruments of communication-sound, light, movement, language, space and time- to design interesting experiences and events in new-generation and traditional media, creating strong bonds between the brand, the consumer, and the sector. The power of communication creates a domino effect, transforming into new business opportunities, rich possibilities, beneficial change and sustainable growth. We have been doing this for exactly 25 years with love, belief, feeling, and passion

We know people better than anyone else

Our Story

We love to generate new ideas and possibilities, contribute to change, and build value. Technology is our best friend. We skilfully update our experience and design inspiring, motivating, surprising, impressive and magnificent concepts with a young language. We always turn our face to the good, the beautiful, the human, so that the excitement of our story will never diminish.

The Heroes of Our Story