Traditional Partners Meeting of Assan Panel in Ankara - 30.09.2014

Traditional Partners Meeting of Assan Panel in Ankara

 Organized traditionally each year, Assan Panel Partners Meeting was held in Antalya between September 18th and 21st. There was again a substantial participation to the Traditional meeting in Antalya Kaya Palazzo Hotel. The event started with the "welcome" speech of Asm Kibar, the founder and the Honorary Chairman of Kibar Holding, the parent company of Assan Panel. Following that, the General Manager of Assan Panel, Ethem Pikin evaluated 2014 and announced the targets for 2015. Assen Panel organized this event for its business partners only for travelling purposes, and it was quite pleasant for the guests. With In Karaca, the singer who took the stage in the Premiere Night on September 20th, the guests had an amazing night with her songs. We had fun, too and wished the continuation of the friendship we established with the participants, and to meet again next year.

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