Turkish British Tatl Dil Forum - 04.12.2014

Turkish British Tatl Dil Forum

Turkish British Tatldil Forum is an initiative, launched as a result of the project adopted during the visit of H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, to the UK in 2011. The forum aims at strengthening and institutionalizing the civil dialogue between Turkey and the United Kingdom. The first meeting of the forum was held in the UK on 7-9 October 2011. Tatldil is a yearly forum, which brings together the leading figures from academic, business, political and art circles and media representatives of both countries on a single platform to discuss the current bilateral and international issues openly and transparently as well as in an informal and flexible manner. The forum strengthens the excellent political, economic, trade, military and cultural relations between Turkey and the UK and it establishes a unique mechanism which did not exist in the past. In the coming years, the forum will consolidate mutual understanding and trust between the different segments of the Turkish and British societies and play a role in bringing closer the peoples of two countries. We are happy to be chosen as a solution partner for the 4th meeting in Istanbul this year and wish success and peace for both countries for this thoughtful project.

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