Anadolu Isuzu celebrates its 30th Anniversary in Turkey - 04.11.2014

Anadolu Isuzu celebrates its 30th Anniversary in Turkey

30th Anniversary of Anadolu Isuzu in Turkey celebrated with a spectacular gala night organized in Wow Hotel Istanbul hosted by the Japanese partners on October 14th. Vendors, suppliers, colleagues and Anadolu Group senior executives come together at this fabolous night. The General Manager Kamil Eser gave the opening speech in the organization attended by nearly 2000 people. The Chairman of the Anadolu Group Tuncay Özilhan mention that “they are proud of the place they arrive in Turkey”. The night announced by the famous announcer Doa Rutkay, as well the esteemed singers In Karaca and Kubat singed their unforgettable songs for the event. Also at the night, a Japanese tradition Daruma ceremony was held. The painting ceremony of “Daruma” doll eyes which is the symbol of good luck by Tuncay Özilhan and Japan’s Isuzu Vice President Furuta San was marked the night. While the board of directors and colleagues of Anadolu Isuzu had a fun night, we as Scala MICE complete our organization diligently.

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